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sandford high  School

Ms. Karuna Yadav

A Seasoned Academician, Community Strengthener, Influencer, Mover, Shaker, Motivator who feels strongly that there is a gap between what is been taught in schools and what is desirable in terms of global perspective for a student to survive, thrive and sustain in this hyper competitive world.

Monotony, emphasis on memorization, passivity, and utter dependence on the teachers is one boxed approach that is detrimental and has been thwarting the very essence of the education system of our country. An educator, by design and choice, she is one socially conscious person.

Illiteracy and social disparity touched her then when she was seeking educational degrees during her twenties and lack of education do so even now when she has reached her sixties. Even after 75 years since our country attained Independence, many in our society are deprived of quality education.

She feels very strongly at the state of affairs of our country's social fabric. Social transformation is the only way forward to our development, she feels. A passionate educator of sorts, Mrs. Karuna Yadav has worked as Principal in both CISCE and CBSE schools for 3 decades and firmly believes in Inclusion and Integration in our classrooms and our country's School Education System.

Anything pertaining to School Education System, Youth, Girl Child Safety, Women Empowerment, Socioeconomic Discrimination... is close to her heart. Culture and tradition to her are Values and Ethics, which one reflects by way of actions and speaking. She has been a Master